Project_name: How can we increase our revenue?

Objective: In this project, a promissory start-up contacts us asking for help in how they can increase the company revenue. We, data science enthusiasts accepted this challenge seeing a great oppotunity to increase our knowledge and testing our skills in Data Analysis.

What_we_have: The company send to us a single database contain some data about the ways of where the company investing their capital and how much is returning in sales form.

Step by step

First, we have to import the python library that will help us to open our file as a DataFrame.

This story will be short, I’m only practicing the concepts showed before *_*

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Github project

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This time I got three databases from ‘Lira hashtag — Python tips’ to practice some data manipulation and plot. The exercise has six questions about the databases mentioned before, and to answer these…

In my last medium story, I told how I discovered the Data Science world and in the next posts, I’ll describe what I had learned about it.

=>Gihub repository<=

I’m focusing to study python to be a simple but powerful language, actually, I believe that python is the ‘entrance door’ for the programming world. Looking for study material about python in Data science, I found about Spyder and Jupyter, which are amazing tools for Data analysis. Furthermore, these tools will help me to show my project's evolution.

First I’ll tell about the project. I got an excel file (the…

Someday I was looking for “how to get data from a website and transform it into graphs python” Then I had learned what I really want to google is: “How to webscrape in python”.

After one or two hours of search and more search, I wrote the code below:

Hello, I’m doing the course named “English composition I” on Coursera platform, and as the first assignment, I have to write with simple words a timeline about my life.

Well, my name is Saulo and my first memory was when I had 2 or 3 years old. I remember to be playing with something while my mom was cooking when my father has come from his work with a box. Inside this box, there were some little pieces of toys looking like lego pieces.

In my infancy, I liked to play on the school playground where had a sandbox, balance…

Saulo Toledo Pereira

PhD student trying to learn some code and practice my English. Can we talk five minutes?

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